Salman Khan's mishap at Filmfare Awards 2016

Salman Khan recently performed at Filmfare Awards 2016, and soon after the performance, the actor was bashing his staff because of an accident that took place during his performance.

At Filmfare 2016, Salman's act was the highlight of the event. The actor made his entry in a flying chariot where in he was grooving at the tunes of song 'Main Hoon Hero Tera' from his recent production 'Hero'.

The chariot was to fly much above the seated guests, but it started descending rapidly, which left everyone scared.

The actor did reach the stage safely, but the entry was not as heroic as planned.

After the performance, Khan furiously kept yelling and banging things around for about an hour, and was upset with the staff for not keeping a close check on the arrangements.

Stars Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan wanted to meet Salman after the mishap, but seeing Khan's upset mood, both Alia and Varun changed their mind.

Well, It's better to be double-ensured when it comes to Dabangg Khan!

News24 Bureau Tulika Bishnoi