Salman and Katrina hot and happening in first song of Tiger Zindaa Hay!


Tiger Zinda Hai is quite an awaited movie for several reasons. Apart form it being the sequel to Ek Tha Tiger, a super-duper hit in Salman’s career, it marks Salman and Katrina’s reunion.


We loved the magnetism they had towards each other in their previous films, they're truly the Barbie and Ken of the glam genre of movies. 


Only last week, the Tiger Zinda Hia trailer was unveiled. The movie promises an edge of the seat perspicacity. Salman’s energetic commando look along with Katrina’s full blown action avatar is fierce and sensuous!


The first song of the movie - swaag se karenge sabka swagat is like a techno-centric, clubby number. Quite foot-tapping! Have a listen. 


Amongst all the outdoor locations and action sequences, we long for the sweet and subtle love story.


We're so waiting to be entertained!