Sajid Nadiadwala's Wife talks about their unusual love story!


Producer Sajid Nadiadwala and his wife have had an interesting and unusual love story which culminated into 17 years of marriage and two handsome sons, Subhaan and Sufiyaan.




Let's begin their story from when they met as narrated by Wardha: 


I first met him during Divya Bharti's first death anniversary when I was 16. One meeting and I knew he was the one. I was that sure, but it took me eight years of hard work for him to love me. I made him fall in love with me. I used to find ways to meet him – stories, interviews or just land up on his shoot and sit and chat with him. I was obsessed with Sajid. I tried so hard to patao him that I would even take my articles to him and he would tell me he had read it. Sometimes, he would get irritated with me and tell his office staff to tell them he was out when actually he was there. Today they call me bhabhi.


When his sister got married on April 2011, I became close to his family too. There was a vacuum in the house because she had left. Meine Sajid ki mummy ko bahut pataya tab. Till then Sajid and I were just friends. Later that year we got married. I think it was only then that he realised what I was. It was when his sister was getting married that I became like Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and wooed his family.


Lastly, How has she made a content husband out of Sajid: 


Before I married Sajid, I was a gawky woman, that didn’t know how to apply lipstick. I moulded myself gradually according to his expectations. He is a fitness freak so I started working out. He loves watching cricket and though I’m not fond of the game, I hang out with him as it helps us bond. Movies are a passion with both of us. I’m totally in love with my husband, she confesses cutely.