Sahil Khattar wants to be bald icon of Bollywood

New Delhi, March 8 (IANS) Comedian and YouTube star Sahil Khattar says there are no bald actors in Bollywood who can carry a film on their shoulders, and he is determined to change it."I know there are no bald actors who can carry full film on their shoulders. Anupam Kher being one of the best actors... He has not been given a lead role. I think the last time he got a lead role was 'Saaransh'. I might try and change that," Sahil told IANS over phone from Mumbai. Sahil became famous through Culture Machine's digital channel Being Indian. He will be hosting the forthcoming fourth edition of YouTube FanFest 2017. It will be held on March 23 and 24 in Mumbai. He was offered a role in Aamir Khan's "Dangal", but he turned it down. "Digital has boomed to such a level that earlier I used to go for auditions, now scripts come to me. Funnily, 'Dangal' came to me and there was this peculiar part and I was like 'no bro this is not something I would love to do," he said. Why?Sahil doesn't want to jeopardise his position in the digital world. "Because right there (in the digital space) is a position that I hold and I don't want to give it away while I make that transition into films. I want to make a good transition on a decent level. I knew that I wanted to get into media field, and came from Chandigarh to Mumbai, wanted to get in front of the camera and somehow digital happened."I know that I will write and act in films... It will happen inevitably. It is bound to happen so what if I am bald." Sahil also noted that he is going through some scripts at the moment. Talking about YouTube FanFest, Sahil said: "We are all brought up by watching Bollywood films, and I am music and dance kind of guy…So I will bring in a lot of it in this year's fan fest."