Sachin 'Red Ferrari' is a dream ride for many; from Bollywood stars to Stuti seeking 'Diksha'

New Delhi, July 24: Sachin Tendulkar's famous red Ferrari is a dream ride for many; from the Bollywood filmmakers to the 17-year-old Stuti seeking monkhood, everyone wants a ride.

Remember 'Ferarri Ki Sawari,' the movie which had caught the attention of wannabe young cricketers and showed Sachin Tendulkar's iconic red Ferrari and the legends attached to it.

The wish of a 17-year-old girl was fulfilled on Monday as she had her "Var Ghoda" ceremony in Sachin Tendulkar's red Ferrari here.Stuti, who aimed to become a motivational speaker made a decision in 2017 to take 'Diksha' after she came in contact with a spiritual leader Maharaj Saheb."I wanted to become a motivator and speaker but now I have decided to follow this path. I understood this after I came in contact with Maharaj Saheb," he told a news agency.Stuti Shah, who just completed her class 10 exam, is slated to take 'Diksha' on February 26 next year.Shah says she has a keen interest in dancing and has also won various prizes in dancing.Stuti's father, Suresh Shah who owns a printing press in Surat said: "I wanted her to become a motivational speaker too. But it is her wish if she wants to choose this."The Diksha ceremony is an initiation ceremony to become a Jain monk.

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