S Africa ruling party to hold march against President

Cape Town, Feb 12: Some African National Congress (ANC) members will march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Monday until President Jacob Zuma resigns. We want Zuma to resign to save the ANC from collapse, Xinhua quoted Lazarus Maumela, ANC Gauteng member, as saying on Sunday.  Maumela invited South Africans to join them in their march to the Union Buildings or stay home causing a total shutdown. He said that the march does not have the blessing of the party leadership. "We are coming to the Union Buildings tomorrow and we are not apologetic about it, we are ready for everything," said Maumela.  "We are being in the forefront because we love our movement. We love our organization. Even if it means that we are going to be arrested, or beaten, or killed, we are ready for it. And we are not going to leave the Union Buildings, by the way, until he resigns," Maumela added. The group called themselves the concerned ANC members who love their organisation and would love to save it.  They stated that the march would be attended by the South African Communist Party, Congress of South African Trade Unions, among other organisations. The ANC national executive committee members will also meet on Monday to discuss about Zuma's future.  Maumela stated that they want the NEC to consider their demands in their meeting. He said that the march would be peaceful and is lawful, adding that Ramaphosa must fire Zuma.