Russian driver fined for his car's shadow!

Moscow, Sep 5 (PTI) In a bizarre incident, a Russian driver was slapped with a fine after the shadow of his car crossed a road marking separating the traffic lane on the edge of a motorway here.

The traffic camera recorded the driver proceeding along the Moscow Ring road in his car with the vehicle's shadow falling on the dividing line of the oncoming traffic lane.

Consequently, he was fined for violating the rules of the road, the Russian TASS news agency reported.

"Cameras want us to pay fines even if car shadows violate traffic rules," the man wrote on the website 

The man lodged a complaint with the traffic police and they promised to annul the fine, explaining that it was the result of a technical malfunction.

In a second bizarre case of traffic violation, another driver was penalised because the glare of his headlights on the wet road crossed the line.

"Traffic police are reviewing his complaint and he will get a reply in the near future," a police source was quoted as saying.