Russian designer slams Lindsay Lohan

Los Angeles: Russian fashion designer Dasha Pashevkina, who was dubbed a "hooker" by Lindsay Lohan, has insisted she did not sleep with the actress' fiancé Egor Tarabasov. Lohan launched into a furious rant on Twitter, posting videos and photographs of him partying with Pashevkina. Branding her a "Russian hooker", Lohan wrote: "I guess I was the same at 23... S****y time -- it changes at 26/27".  Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Pashevkina insisted she and Tarabasov are "just friends" and criticised Lohan's "insecurities", reports  "I have known Egor for five years and have never slept with him and never would. I'm the one who introduced Lindsay to Egor. Lindsay's insecurities mean she can't have any girls around him," Pashevkina said.  "He's such a loyal guy and he would never cheat on her, he does actually love her," she added. Pashevkina also said she was there to support the star when a previous relationship broke down and she had "gifted" the actress "so many clothes".