Russia to supply nuclear fuel to US

Moscow:Russia will be supplying fuel to the United States soon, officials from Russian nuclear fuel company TVEL said on Tuesday. TVEL, a part of Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, will soon start commercial supply of its TVS-K fuel to the United States, hoping to take over 10 per cent of nuclear fuel deliveries to American nuclear power plants. TVEL developed TVS-Kvadrat, a new fuel type for pressurised water reactor (PWR) plants of Western origin, with its pilot batch fabricated in 2014. In May this year, TVEL confirmed the signing of first of its kind agreement with the US Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas (GNF-A) on cooperation in licensing, marketing and fabrication of fuel for PWRs in the United States. "Within the alliance GNF-A will provide US-based project management, licensing, quality assurance and engineering services while TVEL will provide TVS-K design expertise, engineering support and initial fabrication of lead test assemblies.  Subsequent fuel assemblies are planned to be jointly produced at GNF-A's Wilmington N.C. facility," a TVEL official said.