Rupert Murdoch marries Jerry Hall in London

London: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch married model-actress Jerry Hall in a formal ceremony in London on Friday.

The 84-year-old Chief of global conglomerate News Corp and publisher of 'The Times' and 'The Sun' newspapers in the UK married the 59-year-old supermodel at a low-key ceremony at Spencer House in London.

The couple are set to celebrate the wedding on Saturday at St Bride's Church on Fleet Street in London. The church is known as the journalists' church as it is located in an area housing major UK publishing houses over the years.

The couple's six daughters - including two of Hall's and four of Murdoch's - from previous relationships were bridesmaids at the service.

Their wedding comes just two months after they got engaged and less than a year after they were first introduced.

The couple had announced their engagement in 'The Times' classified section in January.

Australian-born Murdoch, who now has US nationality, split up with his third wife Wendi Deng in 2013, whileTexas-born Hall's 23-year relationship with Rolling Stones frontman Jagger, with whom she had four children, ended in 1999.

The former model had married Jagger in an unofficial Hindu ceremony in Bali, but their marriage was declared invalid by the Church of England in 1999.

It is the fourth marriage for the media tycoon, who owns some of the world's major media outlets.

He was married to journalist Anna Torv before Deng and his first marriage was to Australian Patricia Booker.

Murdoch and Hall were first spotted together in public in October last year at the Rugby World Cup final in London between Australia and New Zealand. They were introduced to each other in Australia by one of Murdoch's nieces, Penny Fowler, last year.