Running Small Business? Here is an app for you!

Hyderabad: Goodbox, which offers small and mid-size businesses an e-commerce platform, has announced that its app is now available across the country, the company said in a statement on Friday.

The businesses can have their e-commerce platform at a hundredth of the cost of developing their own app, it said. Each business can have a mini app of their own within Goodbox. The consumers will have access to multiple business apps from a single app.

After its success in Bengaluru, Goodbox app is now available across the country, both for partners as well as consumers.

Within a year, it enabled over 15,000 shops and businesses in Bengaluru to get their 'mini-app' using their DIY (do it yourself) online platform. Over 300 supermarkets and 1,500 restaurants also have mini-apps on Goodbox.

"The Goodbox partner app enables shops and businesses to create their mini-app on Goodbox, get discovered by their consumers and start selling to them directly. It provides businesses with a simple way to create and manage their mini-app in 5 minutes at a minimal cost starting at just Rs 999 per year, which is at least 1/100th the cost of getting your own app made," said Goodbox CEO Abey Zachariah.