Rule of law hallmark of Indian democracy: President

New Delhi: Terming "rule of law" as the "hallmark" of Indian democracy, President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said constitutionalism was the primary edifice on which it stands.

"The rule of law is the hallmark of our democracy, due to which every Indian feels empowered, making him or her participate in nation-building with full vigour and enthusiasm," he said during a book release function at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The president said the Constitution was supreme and above the three pillars of democracy -- parliament, executive and judiciary.

"No individual or organ of our democracy is higher than the law. Each organ of the state must operate within its own sphere and must not appropriate what has been assigned to others," he said, adding that the balance of power between the three organs, as enshrined in the Constitution, must be maintained at all times.

He said faith and confidence that people have reposed in the judiciary must be upheld.

"As an upholder of the rule of law and enforcer of the right to liberty and equality, the role of the judiciary is sacrosanct. For justice to carry any meaning for the people, it must be accessible, affordable and quick," he added.