Ruby Rose stung by jellyfish

Madrid: Actress Ruby Rose was attacked numerous times while splashing about in the ocean on holiday in Ibiza, Spain. Taking to her Instagram account shortly after the attack, Rose uploaded a photograph of her sore sting on her toned abs alongside the caption: "Man down but also I've gone my whole life not getting stung. As an Australian, it was only a matter of time. Jellyfish blues." The 30-year-old star was then left wincing in pain as her bikini-clad travel companion poured some liquid - believed to be vinegar - onto the sore spots in a bid to ease the sting, reports Rose posted a short video of her blonde friend gently dripping the slightly stained fluid onto her painful gashes. She captioned the clip: "So...This happened... jelly fish attack!" However, despite the attack, Rose didn't let the incident ruin her holiday as just hours later she leapt off the luxury boat and plunged into the water in her skimpy two-piece. Taking to her social networking site, the talented DJ uploaded a photograph of her plunging off the top deck of the boat. She wrote: "Last jump shot I... Do not promise."