Rs 6 per click..another Rs 500-crore scam?

New Delhi, Feb 13: There seems to be no end of online scams. As the investigations into the Rs 3700 crore online trading scam in Noida is yet to be over, another similar scam appears to be operating in Sector 2, Noida.

A Ghaziabad resident recently made complaint to police about the scam but police seem to be in no rush to begin the probe.

Amit Kishore Jain recently visited a police station on Saturday but was told to return on any working day in the afternoon. 

Amit Kishore Jain, who runs an insurance company in Ghaziabad, initially informed the Special Task Force (STF) which is probing the Rs 3700 crore Ponzi scam. From there he was referred to a local police station only to be told to come back on a working day.

Amit said the Click Advertisement company named Web Work Trade Link Pvt Ltd is operating from Noida, sector 2 and appeard to have a similar modus operandi. Customers are allegedly attracted to invest Rs 5,750- Rs 57,500 in the company's account to secure a good return at the rate of 'Rs 6 per click'. After this, a username and password is provided to the investors to access the website.

Amit said, "I have invested in Web Work Trade Link Pvt Ltd. When I heard Ponzi scam, I realised that this company was also fooling people. The company is also using the same modus operandi. So far, I had invested approximately Rs 172,500 in return for three IDs. In the beginning, the company returned some amount. But, since January, I have not got anything. I have been asked by the company to even open Bitcoin accounts. Bitcoin accounts are not legal in India. I have been informed that it will not do any transaction in Indian currency, beginning February."

"Sensing something fishy, I approached the STF office to file a complaint, but they asked me to report the matter at Sector 20 police station. Meanwhile, the police have refused to lodge my complaint and asked me to return on Monday. They also told me that they will only take my application after a primary investigation," Amit added.