Rs 2000 note in just Rs 900

New Delhi, Nov 18: These are trying times and people are trying all tricks to easy money. What if someone tells you that you can get a Rs 2000 note in just Rs 900. Well, it's a possibility and you can get it.  These are not rumours. This is happening in India. 

Well our advise is that you should not go for it as you may land up in jail. The Rs 2000 note tat you will get in Rs 900 will be  a fake. Pakistan's ISI is running a big fake racket in Indian currency. The beans were spilled by a man from Malda (West Bengal) who was arrested by the police in Delhi. A total of Rs 6.6 lakh fake currency was seized from him. In total he had 330 notes of face value Rs 2000 each.  

The man, Kashid aged 54, got these notes from a Pakistani, who had thrown a bag over the fencing on Bangladeshi border. The rate at which notes were sold was Rs 30 per Rs 100. The arrested man sold these notes in Delhi, UP and Bihar at the rate of Rs 45 per Rs 100, that means a Rs 2000 note was sold for Rs 900. Kashid told police that many from his village are involved in this fake currency racket. Police have accepted that the fakes are almost like originals and it is extremely difficult to differentiate. "For example, 250 of the seized notes bear the same serial number and 80 of them have four common serial numbers," DCP (special cell) P S Kushwah was quoted as saying by Times of India.

Arrested Kashid said that note ban affected fake currency business, but only for a brief period. "He said supply of notes had stopped but resumed after four or five months. Since then, he has brought in fake currency of the face value of Rs 2 crore to Delhi. He also said he had sold such notes to
Jahiruddin and Kranti whom we arrested last month," Kushwah added.  "Earlier, suppliers could bring in less as denominations were low. Now, even a small consignment has double the face value," a police source was quoted as saying.