Ronan Keating slams people for using Botox

London: Singer Ronan Keating has blasted people for using Botox to keep looking young. The former Boyzone star believes those ­injected with the chemical filler, which he branded "rat poison", look absurd, reports The singer said: "I don't believe in Botox in any shape or form. I think it's awful for anyone - men and women. "I think it's hideous. I know some people feel like they have to, fair enough. I gather rat poison is being injecting into your face." It may seem a thinly veiled swipe at music mogul Simon Cowell, but Keating said: "I don't know if Simon Cowell does it or not but people look ridiculous when they use it." Keating, 39, drinks plenty of water, stays fit, eats well and occasionally moisturises to keep his looks. He said: "I understand women may feel they need to do it to stay young, each to their own. Men can be ­really lucky in the way they can age. "Look at Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman and Robert Redford, these classic men have character with their lines. They are handsome men."