Rocco Ritchie celebrates birthday inside volcano

Los Angeles:Singer Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie spent his 16th birthday inside a volcano -- as part of a tour in Iceland. Rocco, the son of the “Ray of light” hitmaker and Guy Ritchie, travelled to the Thrihnukagigur volcano in Iceland with his step-mother Jacqui Ainsley to celebrate his big day, reports Ainsley, 34, posted photographs taken from 120 metres inside the volcano on Instagram, saying it was a "magical experience to journey into the Earth's womb". Allied to the volcano visit, Rocco was also gifted a Kabbalah protection bracelet by his father, which is supposed to keep him safe. "Guy and Jacqui had a Kabbalah wedding and they wanted something based on belief and spirituality for Rocco's present. It's a silver and gold protection bracelet with his star sign birthstones, moonstone, and topaz,” said a source. Madonna, for her part, was recently filmed taking her son to get a piercing for his birthday as Rocco reportedly walked out of the venue with a stud in one of his ears.