Ride with pride: All new AC 3-Tier coaches, comfort redefined

New Delhi: Want to know the new features of all-AC-3-tier Humsafar Express. It is a virtually luxury at your feet. Read to know the main features of this luxury coaches which will hit the track very soon. There is a massive makeover of these 3-tier AC coaches. M.K Gupta, General Manager of the Modern Coach Factory workshop in Rae Bareli admitted that ever since the AC 3-tier first rolled out in India, they have not been able to get rid of the footprint of the old design. Indian Express has given a sneak peek into this train.

1. New AC 3-tier coach will have USB charging ports

2. There will be ladders with comfortable footrests. Apart from this additional handles will be there for easier access to the top berth

3. The coaches will have separate urinals for men in the toilets.

4. There will be foldable nappy-changing tables for babies will also be available.

5. A GPS-enabled screen has been installed in each coach to display the train’s location.

6. In the new coach, a thin, cushioned plank has been placed alongside the side-lower seats. After lowering the backrests, the passenger will have to slide the plank up to place it on top of the joined backrests for it to become a flat berth.

7. For every cabin of eight berths, there are two plug points and six USB ports.

8. To the readers’ delight, each berth has been provided with a reading light.

9. In the toilets, the floor is made of a material which does not soil easily and the walls are graffiti resistant. Apart from this, the steel mug chained to a pipe has been replaced by a faucet.

10. The new coach has every possible modern facility, like CCTV cameras near doors, smoke detector alarms and tea coffee vending machines.