Richa Chadha joins jury for fest in Japan

Mumbai:Actress Richa Chadha feels honoured to be a part of the jury for Nara International Film Festival. "I am excited to go to the Nara International Film Festival as a part of the jury. It's a huge honour because I have been invited by none other than Naomi Kawase (the festival's director). I became friends with her during Marrakech last year," Richa, who was a part of the jury for the Marrakech International Film Festival, said in a statement. "She's a filmmaker of international repute. Nara is a beautiful historical city and it's my first time there," she added. Richa also shared that she has been lying low because she was working on her fourth big project for the year. "Besides, visiting this quaint town to watch cinema is a delightful getaway," she said.