Revealed! Why Salman Khan will not marry?

New Delhi, Feb 24: Salman Khan the loved superstar of the Bollywood industry is also known as Bhaijaan. He has a large fan following not just in the industry but in other countries as well. He has many fans who travel the world just to have a glimpse of him.

All his fans are majorly waiting for him to announce that when does he plan to marry. It is believed that the next person to join the bandwagon who skipped the marriage level and parental stage would be Bhaijaan of Bollywood.

When asked for the big question again, he answered for  the first time . The superstar who is one of the highest paid in this industry stated  “ Marriage has become such a big thing where lakhs and crores are spent, it is something I can’t afford “and this is the reason why he is a single man. He also added that his parents got married in Rs 180 and therefore could manage to bring up their five kids.