Revealed: Why even after losing 327 kgs Eman's sister doesn't want to take her back home

New Delhi: Shaimaa Selim, Eman's loving sister, who was taking care of Eman who weighed more than 500 kgs is not happy. Though she planned her treatment and took pains to find the right doctor and bring her to India with great efforts she is not very delighted at the great news that her sister who is bed-ridden for more than two decades because of her weight has lost 327 kgs. 

Eman Ahmad now weighs 173 kgs. Because the news comes with a rider. The doctors who are treating Eman say that the role of hospital now ends with this target and now Eman needs rehabilitation. And she can have an access to rehabilitation even in Alexandria., they say.

But her sister Shaimaa feels that her sister's condition is very delicate. She feels that it is unsafe to take her at this stage. Shaimaa alleges that Eman's pallor has turned blue and that she has also suffered a second stroke and had many epileptic fits. Shaimaa has shared a video of her allegations on Facebook and the hospital authorities aren't pleased. The doctors say that Shaimaa has to understand that Eman cannot be in hospital forever. She can now return and switch to rehabilitation therapy. Eman has a food pipe inserted inside her mouth as her three-year-stroke has affected her swallowing capacity. She is undergoing speech therapy, but the progress has been slow.

When Eman was brought to Mumbai, she was placed on a customised hospital bed that was then lifted using a crane from her Alexandria flat and put into a retrofitted cargo plane. A crane was also used to place the bed in an enclosure in Saifee Hospital's first floor.