Kejriwal is a marketing manager, says Arnab

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal is the biggest marketing manager that country has seen, acclaimed journalist Arnab Goswami said while addressing budding journalists at `Manthan2017 : ISOMESMediaFest24', organised by 'Har Hindustani ka channel' News24 here.  

In his characteristic style, Arnab took on a section of English media (which he calls Lutyens' media) for supporting the cause of anti-nationals during the JNU and Ramjas agitations.   "Compromised media keeps mum on anti-national issues using freedom of expression excuse," he added.

Talking about his exit from Times Now, Arnab said that he took a stand against Kejriwal's "theatrics" and as a result was stopped from entering Times Now studio, something that he had built from scratch. He said this while explaining how

he is "independent of fake media" . "One should not be afraid of anybody while reporting, and media should not fight battles of political parties," Arnab said.  

Here's what Arnab said.

1.Young people in this country don't want chalta hai attitude

2. Young people do not want division on basis of caste, religion

3. Today's generation will tolerate bribes, corruption

4. Today's generation will not allow Mandal, Babri

5. I speak for today's generation

6. I miss cameras when anti-nationals are made heroes (Ramjas incident)

7.In this country, people take you seriously if you shout

8. I miss being on TV, I will be back soon

9. Media has comprised to a large extent

10. Reporters have not compromised, editors have

11. Make your reporters free, see the kind of news you get

12. Need to decentralise media, too much focus is on Delhi

13. India is not Delhi, younger generation should realise this

14. Real India does not live in Delhi

15. I don't subscribe to basic rules of journalism

16. Media should focus on opinion, not facts

17.English media thinks their view is India's view

18. It's a disgrace to journalism that English media celebrates anti-nationals (JNU row)

19.Why triple talaq was never questioned before I raised the issue

20. Why Universal Civil Code issue was not raised by English media earlier

21. English media avoids issues considered politically incorrect

22. I am independent of fake media, so I ask questions fearlessly

23. I was not allowed to enter my studio in Times Now after I quit

24. I was shocked and sad when I was stopped from entering studio

25. I have taken the risk of having my channel, as I decided to be independent      

26.I believe in pro-people stories not in anti-political party stories

27. Arvind Kejriwal is a great marketing manager

28.Media should not fall in political camps, it should just be pro-people

29. Compromised media keeps mum on anti-national issues using freedom of expression excuse

30. Media should not fight battles for political parties

31. I think choice of Yogi should have been questioned a little more by media

32. I have never worked for any corporate house, never will

33. My choice of news often differed with policy of Times Group

34. We had run a story against 75-feet cake on Mulayam Singh's birthday

35. Samajwadi Party tried to give an Ad in a bid to stop the story

36. I had threatened to quit if that Ad was run  

37.I am not politically inclined

38. `Mr Prime Minister' in NaMo interview was just respect to PM's office  

39. Politicians are scared when media starts giving space to common man