Renegotiation of n-deal 'unacceptable': Iran

Tehran: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Iranian nuclear agreement is an international deal and its renegotiation was not acceptable, local media reported on Tuesday.

"I believe (US President Donald) Trump may try to renegotiate the nuclear deal," Zarif was quoted by Tehran Times, adding that "it's clear that neither Iran nor Europe will accept a re-examination of the deal. So, we have difficult days ahead."

Iran and six major world powers reached an agreement on the former's disputed nuclear program in July 2015, which was implemented in January last year. Based on the agreement, Iran agreed to scale back its nuclear activities to a considerable degree in return for the revocation of western and international sanctions.

US President Donald Trump has criticized the deal, as a pact of "disaster" or "the worst deal ever negotiated", and has vowed to renegotiate it.

Going back on the deal was impossible as it is not a bilateral agreement between Iran and the US, Zarif was quoted as saying. 

Any review of the agreement, endorsed by the UN Security Council, will face resistance from the international community as well, he said.