Reliance Jio offers bumper job opportunities, apply now

New Delhi, Feb 24: The chairperson and managing director of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani made several announcement related to Jio. Ambani also thanked the customers and announced new tarrif plans which will be effective from April 1. 

Ambani said, "We have provided employment to nearly 50 lakh people through Jio. It includes jobs which have been given to people through digital stores. 

There are plenty of jobs in Jio and you can apply for them according to your qualification. The details of these jobs have been provided on Reliance Jio website. 

The site has details of about 1400 jobs in various departments.


There are 526 jobs in sales and distribution department. In engineering and technology department there are 184 vacancies, 401 jobs in the customer services department and 57 jobs in other departments. 

There are 66 jobs in the infrastructure department, 125 jobs in IT and system department, 13 jobs in supply chain, 17 jobs in finance and accounting, 16 jobs in HR, 9 jobs in operations, 18 jobs in product management and 1 job in legal department. 

To apply for these jobs, visit