Jio users get 14 times extra data at no extra cost, here's how

New Delhi: If you have not yet got yourself enrolled for the Jio Prime plan, then you must get it. The Jio Prime Plan will give you benefits that are much more than what a normal non-Prime Jio plan will give you.


First, Jio Prime gives you free apps worth Rs 10,000. Now let us look at the various Jio postpaid and prepaid plans, and compare them with Jio Prime. This will help you choose the the best plan.  

Rs 19 Jio Plan(Prepaid and Jio Prime)

Reliance Jio is giving you a Rs 19 recharge pack with a 1-day validity to prepaid customers.

For non-Jio Prime customers: this pack comes with 100MB of 4G data, free calls, 100 SMSs per day (local + STD, on roaming, to all operators), Jio apps subscription. For Jio Prime subscriber: 200MB of 4G mobile data, double of what is offered without Prime. Rest benefits are same

Rs 49 Jio Plan (Prepaid and Jio Prime)

This recharge pack has a 3-day validity. Benefits are same are Rs 19 plan, except that is 300MB. Jio Prime subscribers get 600MB data.

Rs 96 Jio Plan (Prepaid and Jio Prime)

This pack comes with 600MB data and all the other standard services.Jio Prime user gets 7GB data, with FUP of 1GB per day. It has a 7-day validity

Rs 149 Jio Plan (Prepaid and Jio Prime)

It has a 28-day validity, and comes with 1GB of 4G data, along with other bundled services. Jio Prime customerds get 2GB of high-speed data.

Rs 303 Jio Plan (Prepaid, Postpaid and Jio Prime)

Both,postpaid and prepaid, Rs 303 plans come with 2.5GB of 4G data. Prepaid Jio Prime customers get 28GB for the 28-day validity period, with FUP of 1GB per day. Postpaid customers get 30GB data (14 times more than non-Prime users), with daily FUP of 1GB.

Rs 499 Jio Plan (Prepaid, Postpaid and Jio Prime)

This plan gives 5GB data to both, prepaid and postpaid, customers. Prepaid Jio Prime, users get 56GB data (2GB daily FUP, 28-day validity), while postpaid users get 60GB data (2GB daily FUP for the billing cycle).

Rs 999 Jio Plan (Prepaid, Postpaid and Jio Prime)

This plan has a validity of 60 days. It gives 12.5GB of bundled 4G data. Jio prime members will get 60GB of data without any daily FUP.

Rs 1,999 Jio Plan (Prepaid and Jio Prime)

This plan has validity of 90 days and comes with 30GB of data without any FUP for prepaid users. Jio Prime members get 125GB data without any daily cap.

Rs 4,999 Jio Plan (Prepaid and Jio Prime)

This plan has validity of 180 days. It gives 100GB of 4G data with no daily FUP to prepaid users. Jio Prime users get 350GB data and no FUPs.

Rs. 9,999 Jio Plan (Prepaid and Jio Prime)

This plan has a 30-day validity. It gives 200GB of 4G data. Jio Prime users get 750GB  data and the validity of the pack is increased to 360 days.


It is better for you to become a Jio Prime member as you get more data and save money.For becoming a Jio Prime member, you just have to pay a one-time fees of Rs 99.