Reflexology for your infant

Reflexology is a relaxing foot massage that works by stimulating the nerve endings in the feet, which correspond to organs and zones of the body. In this way reflexology treats the entire body and fine-tunes the system. The benefit of reflexology is that you can carry it out anywhere - in your car, while traveling or at a party. 

In order to carry out reflexology on your baby, cover the entire foot with gentle movements of the thumb; work from the base of baby’s heel to the point where the toes join the foot. Start with the right foot and massage this way across the foot to the outside edge, repeat on the left foot in the same manner; make sure you cover all the energy zones and on most of baby’s body systems.

Certain common ailments of newborns respond well to more concentrated work on one or more areas.

Here are three common ailments of infants that can be cured with reflexology: 

* Tummy Problems: A tummy problem indicates an imbalance in the solar plexus. The reflexology point for this is located below the foot-pad, in the centre. Massage your baby here. Make sure to use gentle strokes. 



* Sinus Problems: To relieve your baby's sinus problem, massage gently on the underside of all her/his toes.


* Teething: The reflexology point to take care of toothache is the tips of their toes. People that regularly use reflexology even claim that nothing works quite as well as reflexology for teething babies. However, since toe-tips can be rather delicate, make sure you do not massage too firmly or too hard.