Rebel daughters? Like Sakshi many girls across country announcing their marriages on video

Rebel daughters

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, July 16: Sakshi Mishra's marriage and her video message have gone viral and with this, multiple videos with strong messages to their respective families of daughters who have married the partner of her choice, have gone viral.

Rebel daughtersA similar case has emerged in Gujarat also where a girl named Diksha Agarwal has posted a video and said that she is now happily married to her boyfriend and if anything happens to her then her parents, uncle, and aunt should be held responsible.Rebel daughtersSimilarly, one Anamika from Amroha has also posted her video and said that since she is a 21-year-old adult she has the right to marry a man of her choice and she has done so and should not be bothered henceforth.

Rebel daughters

This is also raising some questions in various strata of society: Do parents become villains all of a sudden? Should they be blamed for wishing a happily married life with a suitable boy for them?While sociologists and liberals can continue with their logic and reasoning the case of Meenakshi Chauraisa araises some serious questions:Should the girls who marry out of their choice be brutally killed by fathers and thrown on the road? Can't parents also trust their children and talk it out with their children before they choose to take the drastic step?

The threat of honour killing looms large on girls who chose to marry against family's wishes; a threat is still on Bareliy's Sakshi Mishra and Mumbai's Meenakshi is killed by father as she chose to marry the boy of her choice.

Interestingly the man Meenakshi chose to marry is from her caste only, a Chaurasia. Then what infuriated her father? Actually, her marriage was fixed somewhere else and she did not want to marry there and chose to marry her boyfriend from her village. And this was the crime and she had to pay for this, by losing her life.

A 20-year-old woman died after being attacked with a sharp weapon by an unidentified person in Ghatkopar's Narayan Nagar in Mumbai on Sunday morning.

Is this the new trend then? If girls want to save their and their partner's lives then they have to post a video on the social media announcing their marriage and also about the threat to their lives which exposes their families and dear and near ones...or else they die like Meenakshi?

What do the hapless girls do then? This is yet another matter of discussion.

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