Reasons for Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar being the most stylish couple around!


Besides being dedicated towards their marriage and being supportive of each other's endeavors, we can learn from them in another aspect - its how to style for an event in tandem with each other. It doesn't just reflect their personalities but it also is stylish and reflective of their caring nature towards what their spouse is wearing. They hardly clash nor do they try to eclipse their spouse. 


Here are four different types of events for which they complemented each other perfectly:  


* This was a movie premiere, so a star studded yet relaxed event. So Twinkle chose an ivory colored, lace material mini with golden accessories  and Akki complemented her casual-chic outfit with a monotone, black ensemble (black pants and black shirt). Contrasting colors yet matching the golden shoes. 



* This was for a star-studded awards show, so quite a formal event. Twinkle wore a couture gown. Couture gowns depict high-end and opulence and Akshay complemented her with a formal suit. The grey, again, didn't clash with her multi-colored outfit and he went onto further match it with a purple handkerchief, giving a nod to the purples in her outfit. 




* This was for a Diwali party, so super-festive and traditional. She wore an Abu-Jani, heavy, silk ensemble with glitter and emerald earrings. Akki wore a Pathani suit, also very traditional and festive, and in black. Cream and black are again complementary colors and his understated outfit highlighted her outfit moreso. 





* This was for her booklaunch for Mrs Funnybones. It could have been a formal event, yet they chose to launch her book in a light-hearted and unformal way, reflecting her personality. She was fab in jeans, white tee and a printed blazer while Akki also wore a blazer and tee, but with pants. They chose the same color palette and yet it reflected their down-to-earth and funny personalities.  





* Wanna be pub-hopping all night with your loved one? Try this look. Twinkle wore a Herve Leger bandage dress in shades of pink to purple, great colors to uplift your moods. Akki complemented her bright outfit by dimming down the effect with grey tee-shirt and pants.