Reasons for Music and Dance being omnipresent in Bollywood Movies

Bollywood films are growing in popularity. The number of films produced in India these days is 600 than to 1,000 Hollywood Films. Movies, very beautifully, express the cultures and ideas of the country. Though they are lauded for their intricately woven narratives and their meaningful dialogues, music and dancing are what they actually thrive on. If the music of the film is good, many films will earn a substantial cost of production by marketing their music rights. A Bollywood movie is incomplete without a song. Before in the olden days, there used to be atleast 14-15 songs, however, today there are just 6-7 songs. They don’t just contribute towards revenue, they have a significant aspect in the movies also.  Here are two reasons for them being an intricate part of the movies:

A Bollywood movie is almost incomplete without a song. Before in olden days there used to be atleast fourteen-fifteen songs, but nowadays  there are usually six-seven songs. The music of a movie makes people hum along and dance to its tunes. The new trend set in Bollywood movies are the ‘dance numbers’ which are an added attraction for the audiences. The background score of movies improves on the quality and speakers louder for the movie. The movie usually carries the story ahead and merges with the story. In other words music and movies are two sides of the same coin. They go together hand in hand and are incomplete without each other.

Firstly, music and dance are part of the country’s rich culture and heritage. Our culture is so diverse and varied, with each state exhibiting its own dance form and musical types, still binds the country together as the main form of communicating. Dance and music has unified us. In dance, the body, becomes the medium of communication and expressions, actions and steps become the narrators of a story in a way which is quickly understood by its audience. Gods and Goddess used to perform Musical like performances as learned in our Mythological Books. There have been several artists like Tan-Sen whose music was to believed to be so powerful that there would be rains when he sung. Music is believed to be a healer for several of its followers. Thus the same respect and feelings towards the music and dance was adopted by Bollywood films and it adds an element of nostalgia and patriotism towards it.

Secondly, Bollywood plays on the element of fantasy. Realistic cinema doesn’t function well at the box office in the country. Bollywood Directors believe that people that watch movies aren’t there for a normal event such as PTA, they are here for a special event. They want to be entertained.  The Songs in the Bollywood industry thus speaks of the special element of excitement in the visual forms just like the festival scenes of country. Bollywood songs, shot in foreign locations, give you a tour of the world from the seat of a theatre in your own city. They contribute an element of surprise towards the movie, adding glamour and glory to it. Thus, it doesn’t matter what the genre is, bollywood songs, in a lot of cases are an important feature of the movies in terms of sound, appearance and significance in the plot.

Thus, music in Bollywood movies has helped form many opinions of its citizens. In a straightforward way, the identity, reputation and attraction of Bollywood today is also built upon its item number. Once relegated to an escapist and secondary function, the songs have evolved into a mainstream draw for Bollywood. It isn’t just a craze in the country, the foreign performers are attracted to it also. Yoga, fitness and dance companies are attracted to it. Choreographers of weddings swear by them. It’s the highlight of every festive occasion. The superhit  songs and the music that mixes along with it, has evolved into a personality of its own in Bollywood cinema.