This is the reason why mystery girl Rekha turned reclusive

New Delhi, Oct 10: Bollywood actress Rekha is not only the timeless queen of the industry but even today she can give any of the leading actresses of film industry a run for their money. Over the years, she has mesmerised everyone with her hot looks. The Umrao Jaan lady started her career in Bollywood as Bhanu Rekha Ganesa which was later shortened to Rekha. 

Rekha's father was the renowned Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan and her mother was the Telegu actress Pushpavalli.Rekha's parents were not married and this fact continued to rankle Rekha all her life. When Rekha entered the industry she used to be an outspoken person but over the years the beautiful lady turned reclusive. Rekha witnessed many ups and downs in her entire Bollywood career but she overcame everything successfully.  

According to reports, Rekha married Delhi based industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal who committed suicide. Till date, no one knows why he committed suicide. Rekha is also rumored to have married Vinod Mehra, an Indian actor. However, Rekha denied having any such relation with Vinod Mehra in a 2004 TV interview with Simmi Garewal. 

Rekha never thought of becoming an actress but due to the poor financial condition of her family, she had step into Bollywood. In the beginning, Rekha worked in B and C grade Telugu films. Rekha had seven brothers and sisters but none of them had close relation with Rekha. The actress divulged that when she returned home her brother would ask her to go back to work. 

In her initial years in Bollywood, Rekha was criticised for her dark looks and South Indian features. Rekha had once revealed that she was considered an an ugly duckling in Bollywood. But instead of buckling down, Rekha determined to change it. In late 70s Rekha went through a major transformation courtesy Amitabh Bachchan and later emerged as the hot actress of Bollywood. 

Rekha starred in “Mukaddar Ka Sikandar” opposite Amitach which became the highest grosser. Soon after Rekha joined the big league of Bollywood actresses. It's said that during the shoot of the movie Rekha selected Amitabh as her ‘Mukaddar'. Rekha and Amitach featured in many movies and like their on-screen chemistry their off-screen chemistry gained much space in numerous gossip columns. Rekha was also slammed for sharing such a bond with a married man.

According to reports, once on the sets of ‘Ganga Ki Saugandh', Big B picked up a fight with some crew member for troubling Rekha which gave more hype to their story. The duo thereafter allegedly split their way and tried not be witnessed in public together. But it wans't the end. In 1980, when Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor tied knot it was Rekha who gained more limelight as she was seen with a ‘Mangalsutra' around her neck. It was a bit obvious for people around to circulate rumours about her marriage.

Rekha's name was linked to many Bollywood personalities. According to reports, Rekha was spotted running out of Raj Babbar's office late night. Apart from this, there was another superstar waiting outside with his Ambassador. He tried to cheer up but she ran off crying. Rekha's name was also linked with Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay was 5 years younger to Rekha. Sanjay allegedly married Rekha secretrly which was later trashed by both. Rekha in an interview revealed that she befriended Sanjay in order to make Big B jealous.