#Reallifestories: If you feel like giving up in life, read this

#Reallifestories: If you feel like giving up in life, read this

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, September 10: Words like stress, depression and tension are termed as normal these days and can often be heard in today's lifestyle. Even kids use these terms to describe their mood and mental stage nowadays. In the ancient era, terms like happiness, peace, and joy used to be the real state of mind but unfortunately, these terms are now replaced with words like hatred, stress, depression. And we have also started calling stress as the normal state of our mind. This clearly shows a major shift in human behaviour in the modern era.

While researching on this change in human behaviour, I got an opportunity to meet a gentleman named Ramesh Sharma. Hailing from Dehradun, Ramesh is an inspirational personality and is filled with lots of positivity. Ever smiling and glowing face of Ramesh clearly reflects his inner peace and happiness.

While shedding light on this major shift in human nature, he shared many instances from his personal life as well. There was q time in his life when things were not going well. He suffered major losses in business. His daughter was going through a serious medical issue and he had no money to provide her a proper treatment. This was not it, he faced serious problems in his personal life as well. He was fed up of facing all the struggles and wanted to give up.

One day he even thought of giving up and ending all the struggles in one step. But he couldn’t succeed in that as well. Amid all his struggles, one positive thing which happened to him was that he met a person who suggested him to start Raj Yoga meditation.

He then started practicing Raj Yoga meditation. As part of it, he used to sit in silence and think about his positive qualities. He used to do the same meditation even in the night before going to sleep.

With this regular practice, he started notocing changes in his personality. Sharing his secret of positivity, Ramesh said that every morning, even before checking his phone, he used to sit in silence and used to think only positive about himself.

He started doing this on a daily basis and today he has learned to stay calm and composed. Now, he knows the art of dealing with any tough situation in life. He has motivated thousands of other people to stay positive and practice Raj Yoga meditation.

Keep shining Ramesh Sharma!