#Reallifestories: Do you get angry easily? Know some magical tips from Sushil Dhyani

#Reallifestories: Do you get angry easily? Know some magical tips from Sushil Dhyani

Arpta Singh: Anger, distress, and anxiety was part of his normal life. He used to be a short-tempered man. Yelling at subordinates at the office for disobeying or disrespecting him became his habit. His short-tempered attitude somewhere became the reason of his deterioration both at personal and professional levels. This is a real-life story of a 50-year old man named Sushil Dhyani.

Contrary to his previous angry man attitude, he is now popular for his calm and composed nature. His only motto in life is now to spread love and positivity everywhere. He is now a completely transformed man. In the article below, we will get to know his secret about his magical journey and about his practices responsible for these major transformations.

Sushil Dhyani, who basically belongs from Uttarakhand, now lives in Delhi. He was earlier deployed at the position of General Manager in a renowned company. He was happy in his professional life. But things started taking a turn and one unfortunate day he lost his job. Asked about the reason, he revealed somewhere his short-tempered attitude became the reason for his big professional loss. 

This was not it. He was already going through many other mental traumas and this was like addition in his distressed life.

His personal life was miserable. There was no emotional support in his life as he got separated from wife long back. He is also a father but unfortunately, he never got an opportunity to see his daughter’s face as his wife never returned from her maternal home. They got officially separated in 2007 and their daughter is a grown-up 21 years-old girl now.

#Reallifestories: Do you get angry easily? Know some magical tips from Sushil Dhyani

Revealing the reason for his separation with his wife, Sushil Dhyani said a lot of misunderstandings and also their short-tempered nature was responsible for this.

 Depressed and disappointed with his life, one day he wanted to give up and also tried to end his life. He left his house with the intention of never returning back but couldn’t gather enough courage to end his life and returned home in an exhausted and hopeless condition. He was under severe depression.

His old mother was extremely worried to see the downfall of her son. One day she asked him to follow the same practices which she was already following for years. She asked him to start Raj Yoga meditation. Elaborating about it, she said that it is not related to any physical yoga practice but it’s about self-realization.

He started practicing the same. He used to wake up at 4 am. Sit in silence for a while and think about all his positive qualities. During the meditation process, he used to count his blessings instead of thinking of negative qualities. This meditation practice started working for him. He used to do the same practice before going to bed at night. In his night meditation, he used to forgive everyone and say sorry for any intentional or unintentional hurt caused to anyone in the day.  

#Reallifestories: Do you get angry easily? Know some magical tips from Sushil Dhyani

He is currently jobless from the last two years, but he never felt like giving up in the last two years. But he was not the same person two years back. The man, who once tried to end his life, has now set an example for others. His confidence level has reached to the extreme and it can now be easily reflected from his face.

He has no regret about his past life and now he even does a special meditation for his ex-wife and daughter on a regular basis. He prays for their well being and happiness.

Not just this, he also wishes that his wife and daughter may get to know about this magical Raj Yoga tips which brought so amazing transformations in his life and gave him so much happiness and confidence. He is practicing it for the last two years and is surprised by the results.

Keep shining Sushil Dhyani!