Read the three demands made by Kumar Vishwas

New Delhi: Things at surface appear to be calm but no one can rule out simmering discontent beneath the surface. As of now, Amanatullah has been suspended from the party for speaking against Kumar Vishwas and ruffling feathers in the process. 

To retain Vishwas within the party-fold he has been made in-charge of Rajasthan. In the meantime Kumar Vishwas has made these three demands to stay back in the party:

1.Kumar Vishwas wants democratic party set-up where the party workers can have an access to party leadership

2.There should be zero tolerance to corruption. Vishwas also wants strict action against corruption.

3.The decision making should not be from top to bottom but the other way round.

Ever since the party had a poor show in Punjab and a rout in Goa there is a lot of turmoil within the party.