Rashtriya Sammelan:Sudhanshu Trivedi, Manish Tewari presented a mind-blowing session

New Delhi, August 11, News24 Bureau: This Session at Rashtriya Sammelan had to be a stormy one. When Congress' Manish Tewari and BJP's Sudhanshu Trivedi share a stage then what else will be expected? There was a forceful debate on Rafale deal, Ram Madir issue, preponing the General Elections and many other vital topics. the debate was fiery and forceful and the allegations and counter-allegations witnessed a mind-blowing session.
The Narendra Modi government has entered its fifth year of current tenure. Countdown to the 2019 General Elections has begun. As trendsetter with the tagline Think First, News24 again has taken the lead in sensing pulse of the nation by organising Rashtriya Sammelan 2019 to discuss the moves of the political parties to checkmate the opponents in 2019. The assembly elections in few months will set the pace for final showdown.  
Here are the Highlights of the Session:

- The 2018 elections will be fought on 'Karma' and the pride of nation will be adorned on Dharma. So basically we are going to fight the election both on Dharma and Karma: Sudhanshu Trivedi

-We don't misuse the government machinery for cheap political motives or for vendatta. We are not guided by these things: Manish Tewari

-Nitin Gadkari has made a big disclosure today. A tall BJP leader said that there are no jobs. He made an honest confession: Sudhanshu Trivedi

-Gadkari has made a big disclosure today. A tall BJP leader said that there are no jobs. He made an honest confession says : Manish Tewari
-BJP will get a big setback after the assembly result of some major states. And in this frustration, the BJP can go for an early election. The government is promoting divisive politics and this is taking a toll on the economic health of the country: Manish Tewari

-The general elections will be the start of the finish of Congress. And everyone will see this really taking place: Sudhanshu Trivedi

-If a warm hug by Rahul Gandhi was so bad then why our PM hugs the leaders wherever he goes. Hugging a foreign dignitary is okay and hugging your own countryman is bad?: Manish Tewari

- Ram Mandir will be made, let there be no confusion regarding this. We are committed. Ram Mandir is a symbol of national pride, let there be no doubt about this. The BJP government is committed to making a Ram Mandir and will ensure that all hurdles are cleared. Just wait and watch.:  Sudhanshu Trivedi

- BJP is lying. We will make a Ram Mandir is a rhetoric by BJP. This is simply lip service of BJP. The fact is that they themselves don't want to make a Ram Mandir. It is a political rhetoric and nothing more: Manish Tewari

- Why is BJP is hiding behind the secrecy pact? Why don't they come clear on Rafale Deal? The government indulged in a fishy deal: Manish Tewari