Rapper Vanilla Ice furious after missing flight

Los Angeles: Rapper Vanilla Ice was filmed losing his temper after missing a flight to Nebraska from Atlanta, saying it wasn't his fault as there had been no announcements. In video footage obtained by tmz.com, he expressed: "I'm sitting right here. No one has called me. No one said final call, nothing. I've been right there. There's a fricking line right here. I'm thinking all these people are in line to board, I'm behind them right there." Then someone off camera is heard explaining to the "Ice Ice Baby" crooner, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, that he should have kept an eye on the monitors if he didn't want to miss the flight. But the man was dismissed by the star, reports femalefirst.co.uk. He said: "Hey, I don't need any information from you, man. Shut your mouth. I don't need anything from you. Shut up!" Following the release of the footage, Ice shared that his "meltdown" was the result of being over-tired. He posted: "How funny, vanilla ice has a meltdown. More like over caffeinated, and no sleep. Wrong actions but right point." Referencing how quickly the word of his actions got out, he tried to avert the attention to a children's charity he supports instead. He added: "Wish good news traveled this fast. Let's take this moment to Focus on support for children's charity #LittleSmiles Palm Beach." Ice did eventually apologise for his outburst, but maintained that he was making a valid point. He wrote: "Sorry for offending anybody. Over caffeinated and no sleep. Wrong action but my point was right. now let's keep dancing." The "Ninja Rap" crooner found it particularly amusing that the guy he had ranted at was wearing a t-shirt from the movie. He posted: "Hahha- funniest thing about this video is the guy that was the smart ass, had a TMNT shirt on I told him he's not worthy. #Funny."