Ranveer's dirty talk on Kareena goes VIRAL, trolled like Hardik...VIDEO

New Delhi, Jan 12, News24 Bureau:  Recently, Karan Johar's talk show 'Koffee with Karan' was very much in discussion. And the reason for this are Team India's cricketer, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul. Hardik was mercilessly trolled on social media after he talked rubbish about women on the show. Fans were left disheartened after Hardik's comment on girls. BCCI also got very angry with the players.

BCCI has suspended Hardik along with KL Rahul who also went to Karan's show. The fellow players and many senior cricketers are also very upset with Hardik's statements. In between this, an old video of Ranveer Singh is also getting viral these days, in which he made a shocking statement about Kareena.

However, Ranveer Singh did not make any unusual comment in this season of Koffee with Karan. But we all know that in this period of social media, the old acts of people are often refreshed. Something similar happened with Ranveer Singh. A couple of years back, when Ranveer Singh came to Karan Johar's show for the first time with Anushka, that time he made a very shocking statement about Kareena.

Ranveer Singh's comment about Kareena has spread like a fire on social media. Later, Ranveer Singh was brutally trolled because of this statement. When Ranveer Singh reached Karan Johar's show with Arjun Kapoor for the second time, he regretted about this statement.

This video has now become trouble for Ranveer. Simmba Ranveer Singh is getting trolled due to this.(Image/Video source- Twitter, Internet)