Ranbir is dating Aalia: its Official!! What do his exes have to say?

While talking about his relationship with Alia, Ranbir had reportedly said that it is new and needs time to breathe. He also declared admiration for Alia as an actor and as a person; she is the kind of person he aspires to be, he said. 

Ranbir admits that there is excitement in being in love, however he has also learnt to value relationships more

* Sonam Kapoor: His first co-star and they are close family-friends also. So, what did she have to say about his new lady-love? She just said, she's happy for him. They haven't worked in any movies together, maybe because of some "sour grapes". 

* Deepika Padukone: So, when they were dating, she was all serious. All tattoos and all had happened in his name. She still has it! Unlike Sonam, they are really good friends. They've become really good co-stars and also advice on scripts. She says, "I'm intrigued". 

* Katrina Kaif: These two have lived-in and almost contemplated marriage. It lasted three years and then actually it was Katrina's reluctance to commit because she wanted to work more. As per Bollywood's dictates, once an actress is married, she is almost extinct for mainstream cinema. So that left Ranbir quite sad. Recently she posted a very cryptic post, which was believed to be for Ranbir and Alia. It said, “I will believe it when I see it, or I will see it when I believe it (sic).”