Ranbir, Alia caught in New York...It's official

New Delhi, Oct 17, News24 Bureau: Alia Bhatt has gone to New York to meet Ranbir Kapoor's father Rishi Kapoor. Alia and Ranbir are spotted walking around in New York together. Many pictures of Alia and Ranbir are getting viral. Alia and Ranbir can be seen standing together. With these photographs, both made their relationship official.

Actually, Rishi Kapoor is undergoing treatment these days. Rishi Kapoor is there with his wife Neetu and son Ranbir Kapoor. Alia also reached New York to see her future father-in-law.

Alia is taking care of Rishi Kapoor with Ranbir. The actress is staying with Ranbir and his family. 

It was said that there can be an official announcement regarding the relationship of Ranbir and Alia soon. But, due to bad health of Father in law Rishi Kapoor, Kapoor and Bhatt's family postponed it. Hopefully, soon after Rishi Kapoor's better health, the family can take a big decision for Alia and Ranbir.