Ram Temple by Dec, says Ramdev...Rajnath says temple will cheer India: Who said what on Temple issue today

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Nov 3: A lot is happening around the Ram Temple issue as the elections are nearing. Interesting statements are coming from various quarters and when the bigwigs like Baba Ramdev, Rajnath Singh, Mohan Bhagwat and Ram Vilas Vedanti speak...the nation watches with apt attention.

Yadi nyaylay ke nirnay mein der hui to sansad mein zarur iska bill aega,aana hi chahiye.Ram Janmabhoomi pe Ram mandir nahi banega to kiska banega?Santon/Ram bhakton ne sankalp kiya ab Ram mandir mein aur der nahi,mujhe lagta hai isi varsh shubh samachar desh ko milega, (If the courts delay then a Bill should come in parliament...why not. If not Ram mandir then whose mandir will be made on Ram Janbhoomi? I'm sure before the year ends the nation will hear a good news).Another important announcement has come regarding Ram Mandir. And this is from a key person related to the Temple issue."Construction of Ram Temple will begin in December. Without an ordinance and on the basis of mutual agreement, Ram temple will be constructed in Ayodhya and a masjid will be constructed in Lucknow," said Ram Vilas Vedanti, President of Ram Janambhoomi Nyas.

BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav on being asked if the Central government will bring an ordinance for construction of Ram temple says, "I cannot say anything about it but yes there is a strong demand from Sangh and Sadhu-Saints who are spearheading the movement for the ordinance route."

A meeting of saints and seers is underway in Delhi's Talkatora Stadium. Predictably, discussions on Ram Temple is the main agenda of this conclave. More than 3000 saints are holding a meeting for two consecutive days in national capital’s Talkatora stadium. It will be for two days; Saturday and Sunday. The meeting is named ‘dharmadesh’ and in all likelihood will give a call on building Ram Mandir.Union Home minister Rajnath Singh has minced no words while speaking on the temple issue, "Everyone will be happy if a Ram Mandir is made, ( Ram Mandir banega to swabhavik hai sabko khushi hogi).

Famous seer Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is also expected to be present in the meeting. Earlier also Sri Sri was seen taking initiatives also.Ahead of Kumbh in Prayagraj, this is being called the biggest gathering of saints.As per Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti General secretary Swami Jitendra Saraswati, “The Supreme Court upset the saints after this no one can predict what decision they take; but one is for sure, some big decision will for sure be taken.”“Saints from all 125 communities of Hindu religion are taking part in this meeting. This is the first time all the 125 communities of Hindu religion are meeting together after the 1990 movement. All saints who are affiliated with VHP have already declared that they would protest at the parliament over the Ram Mandir issue. RSS General Secretary has already cleared that court has hurt the sentiments of crores if Hindus; This will give strength to the saints who are initiating a new movement in the favour of Ram Mandir,” he said.RSS thinker and General Secretary Bhaiyaji Joshi said that the meeting will take place in three sessions.Speaking on the meeting  Bhaiyaji Joshi said, “The meeting of the saints has been named as dharmadesh, which means obeying the religion.”“The two-day long meeting will have three sessions. The first session will be of paying homage, where the karsevaks who died due to gunshots during ram mandir protest in Ayodhya will be remembered. Besides this, the cow vigilantes who died in front of the parliament in 1996 will also be paid tribute. “In the second session, the missionaries who have been following different ways for conversion will put forth their points and proposal will be kept against Ponga babas in this session,” he further added.

As the things are moving now, one thing is for sure; very soon a major decision on the Ram temple is on the way. This unrest has a pattern and the BJP is weighing the pros and cons before it zero downs on a conclusion. Perhaps BJP president Amit Shah was testing waters when he went to meet RSS ideologue Mohan Bhagat at the odd hour of 2 PM.