Rajnath attacks Mamata, says nobody safe in Bengal

Karimpur (West Bengal): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday castigated the Mamata Banerjee government over law and order issues and political violence, saying nobody was safe in West Bengal under the Trinamool Congress regime. Canvassing for the assembly polls here in Nadia district, Rajnath Singh also ridiculed the Trinamool Congress over "absence" of infrastructure and said only the bomb-making industry flourished in the state. "When the Mamata government came to power five years back, people hoped the cycle of political violence that flourished during the 34 years of Left Front rule will end. Didi (Banerjee) will bring change. "But under the Trinamool regime, political violence has only intensified. People are being terrorised to get their support. The Trinamool came to power with the slogan of Maa, Maati, Manush (mother, land and people), but in the past five years, maa, maati or manush, nobody has been safe," he said. "Leaders of both Trinamool and the Left Front need to realise the reality that they cannot get support of the people by terrorising them. Popular support can be earned only through inculcating love and affection in their hearts and that can be done through their welfare, by bringing in development," he said. Interacting with the crowd from the dais, Rajnath Singh continuously ridiculed the Banerjee regime over the absence of infrastructure. "There are no roads, no schools, no water for farmers, not even hospitals, at least you must have doctors or even medicines?" asked Rajnath as the large crowd replied with a thunderous "no". "Okay, at least there must be some industry here. Not even that, then what exists here? The condition here is very bad to say the least. There may not be textile, jute or tea industry here, but one industry that is flourishing is bomb-making," he said. "The situation is such that even police stations are attacked and those behind the attacked are being protected," Rajnath Singh said, referring to a large mob attacking a police station in Malda earlier in the year. Speaking on the glorious past of Bengal, Rajnath Singh urged the people to bring the BJP to power in the state. "You did a miracle by bringing the BJP to power at the Centre with such a massive majority. By bringing to power in Delhi, you have given us the kurta. And now it's time for you to give us a pyjama, a dhoti, bringing the BJP to power in Bengal," he said. He also assured of eliminating illegal infiltration and smuggling of fake notes if the BJP came to power in the state. IANS