Rajasthan ATS cop kills 'blackmailer' woman, shoots himself

Rajasthan: An ASP of police of the anti-terrorist squad has reportedly committed suicide after killing a 'blackmailer woman' in Rajasthan.

Both the bodies of ASP and the unidentified woman who had bullet injuries on their foreheads were found in a locked SUV car near Bombay Hospital in Jaipur late on Thursday.

According to police, ASP Prabhakar (42) allegedly shot the woman (in her late twenties) with his service revolver around 8pm and later committed suicide.

Sources said Prabhakar had left a two-page suicide note in which he apologised to his wife for having chosen “the wrong path”. He also said the woman was “blackmailing” him. He mentioned a few mobile numbers and Facebook profiles in the note, alleging some people were harassing him, the sources said without revealing much.

Forensic experts conducted investigations after which the bodies were taken for post-mortem. Before the alleged suicide, Prabhakar had called the police control room to check on a suspicious SUV spotted near the Bombay Hospital building. He also spoke to a colleague. The ASP left office by 5:30 pm, and was reportedly with the woman.

According to a preliminary investigation, Prabhakar might have had a heated exchange with the woman, following which he pulled out the service revolver and opened fire. Two bullet marks were found on the car gate mirror and one on the roof. Around 8 pm, a passerby called up the police, informing about the bodies.

Police have also recovered a suitcase, which had documents related to ATS and some people.

Prabhakar, who had recently joined field duties after attending 10 months of training programme at the Rajasthan Police Academy, had earlier been reported missing by his wife once. He was later found near Jalmahal, a police official said.