Rahul kisses Sonia; the cutest picture of son-mom you cannot miss

New Delhi, Dec 16: The candid camera caught a lovely moment of mother and son during the event when Rahul Gandhi formally slipped into the shoes of his mother Sonia Gandhi as the new President of the grand old party Congress.

Rahul Gandhi was seen kissing his mother Sonia after he is elevated to the post of Congress president. 

A mothr poured her heart as she congratulated Rahul Gandhi on taking over as the Congress president. 

Speaking at the event, she says, "This is new beginning, a new hope for the Congress. This is my last speech to you all as leader of the Congress party."

She also said, "Since 2014 we have been playing the role of opposition, the challenge that we face today, is the biggest one, our constitutional values are being attacked, our party has also lost many elections but our party will never bow down."

Here are the highlights of their speech:

-Congress is an ancient India.BJP would have you believe they are oldest idea in the universe,as usual this is not the truth.In India,there are 2 ideas that have clashed, idea of self vs the other. BJP are soldiers fighting for self. Congress guided by service of community:Rahul Gandhi

-It is with deepest humility, that I accept this position (of Congress President) knowing that I will always be walking in the shadow of giants: Rahul Gandhi

- We consider the BJP as our brothers and sisters, but we do not agree with them. They (BJP) crush voices but we allow them to speak, they defame we respect & defend: Rahul Gandhi

-We are now being compelled to imagine that businesses can be built without harmony that only one man himself is the voice of reason. Expertise, experience and knowledge can be cast aside for personal glory: Rahul Gandhi

-Congress took India to 21st century, but the PM, today, is taking us back to the medieval times: Rahul Gandhi

-You have an example in front of you, once fire breaks out it is difficult to douse it, that is what we are telling the people of BJP, that if you set the nation on fire it will be difficult to control. Today BJP has spread the fire of violence across the country: Rahul Gandhi

-And if there is anyone who can stop what the BJP is doing, it is the 'pyara karyakarta & neta' of Congress. We are going to make Congress, grand old and young party. We will fight the politics of anger: Rahul Gandhi

-Politics belongs to the people, but today politics is not being used for people. It is not being used to uplift people, but to crush them: Rahul Gandhi

-Many of us are disillusioned by politics of our time. Today, politics is devoid of kindness and truth: Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

-Blatant personal attacks, have made Rahul Gandhi a stronger person: Sonia Gandhi

-Rahul is my son, so I do not think for me to praise him is right but I would say that since childhood he had to bear the brunt of violence, after joining politics he had to face blatant personal attacks, that have made him a stronger person: Sonia Gandhi

-Our country's foundation and shared traditions are being attacked, there is an environment of fear: Sonia Gandhi

-Indira JI passed away, after which Rajiv Ji also passed away, my support was taken away from me and it took me a long while to come to terms with it: Sonia Gandhi

-I learnt a lot from Indiraji about the great marvels of India

-Before I start my address, I congratulate & bless Rahul Ji for taking charge as Congress President: Sonia Gandhi

-Indira Gandhi treated me like her own daughter & I learnt a lot about India from her: Sonia Gandhi.