Rahul Gandhi speaks to Alpesh Thakore: Know all about politics behind Gujarat exodus

New Delhi, News24Bureau, Oct 10: After a huge furor over the alleged role of Congress leader Alpesh Thakore in the exodus of the North Indian migrants who are working in the factories of Gujarat, Congress has swung to action. Are there ulterior motives behind this?According to the latest news Congress President Rahul Gandhi has spoken to Alpesh Thakor on phone over attacks on people from Bihar and UP in Gujarat.What does Alpesh Thakore say about the exodus:Alpesh Thakore is the backward face of Gujaratis (Kurmis) and like Patidars he also promises better job opportunities for Gujaratis. it was being interpreted that Alpesh Thakore is behinf these attacks and senior BJP leaders voiced same concerns. The Thakore community, though, is saying that since there are no jobs for them in Gujarat, they are resorting to violence. Alpesh got emotional after these allegations and said that this was not truesAlpesh said that the North indians are going back because of the upcoming festivals back home.

Does police have a role in exodus?There certainly was some laxity on part of Police as regular attacks stilled a sense of fear in the North Indians and therefore resulting in a mass exodus of North Indians from Gujarat. After a wide media coverage and jitters in the political circle, the police flung to action. In the last three days, the police have booked 13 people under the NSA (National Security Act). In spite of police action, attacks took place in Vadodra and Halol against north Indians.Are the North Indians actually taking away jobs from Gujaratis?this does not sound to ne true as the factories where these North indian Labouters are working have tough working conditions. Only 10% of Gujaratis are working in these factories. So the logic that they are snatching work from Gujaratis is not true. A report in The Indian Express in 2017 claimed that 92 percent of the workforce (total 8.23 lakh jobs) in about 4.700 large industrial units in the private sector comprised locals. In the state government-controlled establishments, the percentage of locals was as high as 98.9.How did this violence eruptAllegedly a migrant of Bihar raped a 14-month-old girl and this let all hell broke. There was a big uproar against the man in particular which slowly got converted into an outrage against the whole North Indian community. the resistance got so violent that a mass exodus began from Gujarat.Despite this exodus, many North Indians are still living in Gujarat:They are going to school and the normal routine is on for them Yes, there certainly is a sense of fear, but then the government sounds over-protective for themPoliticians are now claiming their Lion's share:It has become a blame game between political parties and each one wants a Lion's share. The political blame game has begun keeping in mind the upcoming elections. Brutality towards North Indians will be used as a strong weapon by the Congress against BJP. There such swift damage-control measures by the government. This has happened earlier also in Assam and Maharashtra.