Rahul Gandhi oratory skills were best displayed in Bidar

New Delhi, May 3: Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally in Bidar, sounded politically right when he said, 'No matter what he (PM Modi) says about me, I will never make a personal attack on him as he is the PM of the country, but I can ask him questions."

Both PM Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi are in Karnataka as the battle for the state assembly elections intensify. If PM Narendra Modi is addressing a rally in It's a volley of rallies in Karnataka today with both PM Narendra Modi and and Congress President Rahul Gandhi taking turns to adress their potential voters. Both political leaders are holding rallies in Karnataka today ahead of the May 12 assembly election. Rahul Gandhi began his address in Bidar-- lauding Karnataka's advancement in IT industry, space technology among others, while adding that this progress resonates with the Congress' vision. Rahul Gandhi today also attacked Narendra Modi for "waiving off loans of 15 rich industralists" but holding back on farm loans. Here's what the congress President said:-When our Prime Minister gets scared, he resorts to personal attacks. But I have never resorted to personal attacks and never will.-When I asked PM Narendra Modi ji to waive off loans, he just stared at me but the day I raised this matter with Siddaramaiah, he immediately announced farm loan waiver.-"You (Modi) have brought the entire cast of Sholay in Karnataka. From Gabbar to Samba, to Reddy brothers even-- you brought everyone here and you talk about eradicating corruption."-While the poor people of the country stood in queues and went through troubles post demonetisation, the likes of Nirav Modi looted people's money and escaped.-This election is a contest between two ideologies. On one hand, there's Congress with its ideology of unity, compassion and an inclusive Karnataka while on the other, we have BJP-RSS with its ideology of hatred and division.-The BJP-RSS duo doesn't care about Karnataka's aspirations, it only cares about polarising people to win elections.News24Bureau with Agencies