Rahul Gandhi offers to resign before Sonia: Sources to News24, Congress denies

New Delhi, May 23: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has offered to resign from the post of party President, sources told News24. He made the request before his mother and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. However, Sonia while rejecting the proposal told Rahul that this matter could be discussed in CWC, sources added.  However, Congress has denied any such move by Rahul Gandhi.

Earlier, Rahul accepted defeat and congratulated PM Narendra Modi on his historic win. Rahul also accepted defeat in Amethi and hoped that Smriti Irani will take care of Amethi with love. The Congress President said that he is taking the responsibility for the humiliating loss of Congress. He urged the workers not to lose heart.

What Rahul Gandhi said after BJP's win 

-I had said people are masters. I accept people's verdict. I congratulate PM Modi: Rahul Gandhi 

-It is fight between ideologies. Today Modiji, BJP has won. I congratulate them: Rahul

-Today is day of mandate. I don't want to colour the mandate. It doesn't matter what I say, people have decided that Modiji will be PM again: Rahul 

-I want to tell workers don't lose heart. We will fight the ideology and eventually win: Rahul 

-I want to congratulate Smriti Irani. I respect decision of people of Amethi. I want Smriti to take care of Amethi with love: Rahul 

-I reiterate that I will respond to all accusations with love: Rahul 

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