Rahul Gandhi not sleeping, closed his eyes to relax: Congress

New Delhi: Amid the heated debate between the BJP MPs and Opposition benches during this morning's debate in parliament about the recent attacks on Dalits in Gujarat, television cameras panned to show Rahul Gandhi sitting with his hands on his forehead and eyes closed.


As the image went viral with prospects of the Congress’ scion having dozed off at a crucial time when his party was cornering BJP over the crucial issue of Dalit protests, Congress offered a response saying that he had just closed his eyes to relax.


"It is hot outside, so when people go inside the parliament which has air-conditioning, they usually close their eyes to relax," explained Congress parliamentarian Renuka Chowdhury.


Furthermore, one just can’t sleep with so much noise in the parliament, she stressed, adding that there were much bigger issues to discuss.


The Congress today targeted RSS and BJP in Lok Sabha over attacks on some Dalit men in Gujarat for skinning a dead cow, saying the Hindutva organisation was working for "dalit-mukt Bharat" which was "sponsored" by BJP to polarise communities ahead of next year's assembly polls there.


Mr Gandhi is scheduled to visit Gujarat tomorrow to meet with Dalits to express his party's commitment to upholding their rights.

News24 Bureau