Rahul dares Modi on Gabbar Singh Tax

New Delhi, Nov 10  Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said his party will not allow the government to impose 'Gabbar Singh Tax' -- Gandhi's acronym for GST or Goods and Services Tax.

"We will not allow the BJP to impose a Gabbar Singh Tax on India," Gandhihe tweeted even as the GST Council's 23rd meeting was on.

The GST Council -- which also has state Finance Ministers including those from Congress-ruled states on board -- announced rate cuts on 177 goods on Friday.

"They cannot break the back of the small and medium businesses, crush the informal sector and destroy millions of jobs," Gandhi said.

The Congress leader gave a few suggestions to improve the GST regime.

"Correct the fundamental flaw in GST architecture to give India a Genuine Simple Tax, Don't waste India's time with lip service, Acknowledge your incompetence, shed your arrogance and listen to the people of India," he said in another tweet.

Earlier, Congress leader and former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said Congress state Finance Ministers would "force changes" in the GST rates.

"The government avoided debate and voting in Rajya Sabha on GST Bills. Now, they cannot avoid a debate in public domain or in the GST Council," Chidambaram tweeted.

"Thanks to Gujarat elections, government forced to heed advice of opposition and experts on flaws in implementation of GST."