Prove you are 'mard', actor Ajaz Khan insults PM Modi,Yogi..Viral video

New Delhi: He is not new to controversies, and he has stoked a fresh one by mocking (and almost abusing) PM Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath for beef ban and anti-cow slaughter measure. TV actor Ajaz Khan even accused them of engineering riots.

It may be his way to keep himself in headlines, but he may have overdone it this time. In a video posted on social media he accused PM Modi, CM Yogi and gau rakshaks of killing innocent people in the name of cow protection, while cows suffer on roads.

In the video he challenges them to prove themselves as “ mard” by getting Harley Davidson closed for openly selling cow leather belts.

 No wonder, he has been a wild card contestant at Big Boss!