Problem brewing for BJP in Goa and Bihar, Opposition wants to grab power now

New Delhi, May 17: After Karnataka now unrest spills to Goa; Congress now wants to make government there. If initial reports are any indication to go by, then there is a lot of problem brewing for BJP.
Now this situation wul never have been fathomed by the BJP, who is still in a jubiliant mood after emerging victorious in Karnataka after making its government. BJP is being surrounded in other states like Goa an Bihar where the BJP and alles are in power despite not being the single largest party.
But now it appears that ther is a storm in the cup as the Congress and the RJD have decided to stake their claim to make th government in these states.
After Congress now RJD wants to make government in Bihar saying that since it is the largest single party it should be allowed to stake claim to make the government.
Now RJD will parade its MLAs to show its strength.

Congress Goa in-charge Chella Kumar is leave for Goa today, he with other party leaders will meet the Guv tomorrow and say that being the single largest party Congress should be invited to form govt in Goa. If necessary Congress can parade its MLAs also at Governor house.

Seeking adoption of the Karnataka example in Goa, the Congress today decided to stake claim to form government in the state where it had emerged as the single largest party in the Assembly polls held last year.

Congress Legislature Party chief Chandrakant Kavlekar said the party will stake claim tomorrow by submitting to Governor Mridula Sinha a formal letter containing signatures of all the 16 party MLAs.

In the Assembly elections held in March last year, the Congress had bagged 17 seats in the 40-member House, falling short of the majority figure by four seats.

The BJP, which got 14 seats, formed the government in alliance with Goa Forward Party and MGP, both of which had secured three seats each. Three Independents also went with the BJP.