Priyanka Gandhi questions BJP's obsession with Pakistan, questions their nationalism

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, April 15: In an indirect attack on PM Modi and a direct one on BJP, Priyanka Gandhi questions their obsession with Pakistan and asks why they invoke Pakistan in their campaigns.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addressed a rally in Fatehpur Sikri. Congress President Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Jyotiraditya Scindia were with her at the rally. She even posed with the lady pilot of her chopper.

Rahul will also address a rally in Agra, followed by a rally in Gujarat's Bhavnagar before speaking at another rally in Maharashtra's Nanded.

At the Fatehpur Sikri rally, Priyanka Gandhi said, "You are aware of the falsehood being presented during the (BJP) campaigning. BJP leaders say they are nationalist. If you claim to be nationalist, then please respect those who have given the color to the Constitution. If you are a nationalist, then stop speaking about Pakistan in your campaigns."